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Don’t rush to get a hardship license by signing up for DUI school without a lawyer. It can stay on your record even if you win!

But, you must act withing 10 days of your arrest.

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Contact dui attorney Jonathan Parker at 888-PARKER-9Appointments are made exclusively on a pre-scheduled basis. To initiate a conversation about the possibility of representation, please contact DUI defense Lawyer Jonathan Parker directly.

Florida Address for US Mail or Hand Deliveries:

Parker & Maloney, P.A.
3921 Alton Road #404
Miami Beach, FL 33140

Phone: (877) PARKER-9
Facsimile: 888-870-9215

Depending on the situation with your drivers license, Mr. Parker will gladly personally meet with you at a mutually convenient location.

For pre-scheduled office visits or depositions only:

Jonathan H. Parker, Esq.
c/o David F. Anderson, P.A.
7735 NW 146th Street, Suite 205
Miami Lakes, FL 33016

New Jersey Address
Parker & Maloney
1103 Valley Road
Stirling, NJ 07980
Phone: 908-604-4600
Facsimile: 908-604-4688


Hawaii Address
Parker & Maloney
1050 Bishop Street
Suite 268
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: 808-489-9447

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