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Prevent Going To Jail

Prevent Going To Jail

If an individual is convicted of a DUI offense, the judge has some flexibility on sentencing. However, sometimes the judge has no other choice but to throw you in jail, especially on a second offense. There are times however when it is possible for a skilled defense lawyer to convince the judge to lower judge time or possibly impose alternative options to jail. There are certain situations where there are indeed other possibilities.

Some of the alternatives include:

  • Work ReleaseThe suspect is allowed to work at a predetermined site during the day, instead of going to jail. This is usually designed by the Probation Department of the jurisdiction. The suspect is allowed to go home at night to sleep, but is not allowed to go anywhere else.
  • Work FurloughWith this program the suspect is allowed to keep their job. However, at night he must return to a dorm facility, which is located at a jail where they will sleep at night.
  • Electronic MonitoringThe suspect wears an ankle bracelet that electronically monitors their current location at all times. Another name for this is known as “House Arrest”. Arrangements can be made however to be able to go to school or work, as long as the “arrestee” is home at a specific time.
  • Alcohol or Drug Rehab ProgramA DUI conviction can be an indication of an addiction problem, which can require a treatment program. Alcohol or drug rehabilitation programs may be residential or outpatient. An experienced defense lawyer can realize when their client is in need of such a program and guide the individual to seek help. Then it may be necessary to convince the court to sentence the person to a rehab program in place of jail time.
  • Sober Living HouseThis option may also be an option and advisable for a person with a long-term alcohol or drug problem. It is where the person lives in a residence where all the other people staying there as well are also sober. Typically such an arrangement will have to involve a regular attendance at a 12-step program which is either located at the house or another location.

* If you are concerned about going to jail for a DUI, consider hiring a quality defense lawyer that knows the details of the other options. Please consult a Florida defense lawyer for legal advice in the state.

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