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Don’t rush to get a hardship license by signing up for DUI school without a lawyer. It can stay on your record even if you win!

But, you must act withing 10 days of your arrest.

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How to Protect Your Job

How to Protect Your Job

If you have just had a DUI conviction, it is absolutely crucial that you protect your freedom driving privilege, auto insurance payments, criminal record, and protect your job following a dui plus your future employment opportunities.

Every person has rights. Almost Every DUI arrest involves a persuasive police officers who almost never explain your rights. This gets you scared and can sometimes make threats concerning your consent to take breathalyzer test.

Protect Your Job Following a DUI

Understanding your rights is crucial when it comes to keeping and protecting your job. Even if you just received a DUI, there are so many factors that need to be looked at in order to prove you’re guilty by police officers. Which in turn can help protect your criminal background and job.

Most people don’t realize that you can indeed clear your DUI record completely. However, you can indeed minimize the damage that the record has on your personal and professional life, which can enable you to move on and progress in life. The reality is that your life will be changed for the worse unless you take the necessary steps to help yourself by getting a DUI defense lawyer to help clear your record. However there are people that are exceptions to being cleared.

The following people may not eligible IF your DUI offense…

  • Relates to vehicular manslaughter.
  • Complicated with felony drug charges.
  • Involved extensive property damage and or severe accident or injury.

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